We’re building companies from scratch

Every venture starts with a brilliant business idea. But to take the business to market, you need to turn the idea into software. While we are still looking for our Co-Founders, our team already starts to rapidly implement the new business. We are the interim team that first prototypes the business model, later refines it and starts implementing the underlying software.

Technical consulting and implementation

Developers are in high demand and hiring good talent to build such a team takes time. We are an integrated team with members who work together effectively. With years of experience in different fields of technology, we can help you make the right decisions, and get started before you have assembled a team of your own.

Product Management

We help you find answers to the most important question before you build your business: What problem are you trying to solve for whom? With an answer to this core question we support you in shaping a vision for your product and help you to achieve it by defining and measuring achievable goals for your roadmap.

Brand, UX & UI Design

Our product designers and branding experts rapidly iterate to turn your vision into a product that your customers will love. We build prototypes as well as the refined end-product to ensure that your vision will be beautiful.

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Product Manager

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