FinLeap creates powerful Fintech ecosystem with solarisBank

First genuine banking platform for the digital economy  starts in Berlin

Berlin - Fintech company builder FinLeap has created the first global banking platform with a full banking license. FinLeap, an idea generator and incubator of innovative fintech start-ups,   brought the team of entrepreneurs together, provided the necessary seed funding, and provided intensive support during the development phase. 

solarisBank is aiming to become a key part of the financial system: “FinLeap wants to use technology and software to create lasting change in the financial system. solarisBank´s DNA is 100% technology-focused, while its partnership-centered approach provides many different industries with the opportunity to develop individual banking solutions in a more convenient way. We are reshaping finance”, says Ramin Niroumand, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of FinLeap.

solarisBank offers digital companies a modular-based banking toolkit to develop modern financial services for their clients. The services offered by solarisBank include account - and transaction services, compliance - and trust solutions, working capital financing, and online loans.

“We are confident that most major Internet companies will want digital banking solutions that expand their product range and offer it within a challenging regulatory environment. We haven’t seen a bank that offers a technology platform like ours and can partners with so many different kinds companies and business models.  

A completely modular digital banking architecture is the gap we are adressing. solarisBank wants to set a new international standard with theirplatform”, says Jan Beckers, serial entrepreneur, chairman of FinLeap and chairman of the supervisory board solarisBank. “Banking as a Platform (BaaP) is  trully ‘B2B2C’ allowing entrepreneurs from a broad range of industries to concentrate on their core business. Both companies and end-customers will profit”, says Jan Beckers.

Crucial for the founding of solarisBank was the  incredible team brought together by FinLeap. “The German Banking Regulator ‘BaFin’ expects flawless quality”, says Ramin Niroumand.  The team did not rely on external consultants  but placed banking expertise directly into the team: “We had to find the needle in the haystack: bankers with years of experience who are still entrepreneurs at heart”, says FinLeap Partner, Ramin Niroumand.

About FinLeap

FinLeap is a Berlin-based company builder specialized in the financial services industry. The company’s objective is the support of startups in establishing sustainable, customer-centric and technology-driven businesses. FinLeap provides entrepreneurs with 0.5 - 5 million euros in seed funding and access to a strong network of investors. Startups benefit from access to top talent, an integrated development platform, best practice processes, and extensive expertise in the financial services sector. So far, the Fintech ventures Savedo, Valendo, FinReach, BillFront, Pair, financeAds,and Clark have been launched with the help of FinLeap.

About solarisBank

solarisBank is a tech company with a German full banking license. The company combines software, technical expertise, and banking experience to develop a  banking platform for needs of a digital economy. With the Solaris platform,  companies can build digital solutions for their financial needs.

Since its start  in 2015, a team of 30 experts from entrepreneurship, banking, and development was formed. The tech team is led by Peter Großkopf, who as the CTO of the Incubator HitFox Group,  founded various Adtech- and Fintech-Startups. Previous, Peter Großkopf founded and led the software engineering company Zweitag. The directors of solarisBank, Marko Wenthin and Andreas Bittner, founded and grown  banks through various management and director positions. The board of directors of solarisBank is composed by Dr.Gerrit Seidel, ex CEO of SOFORT bank and MD Yabeo Capital, Matthias Sohler, founder of Yabeo Capital, ex COO UniCredit Bank AG and Jan Beckers, serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of HitFox Group.

solarisBank is backed by partners like Fintech company builder FinLeap. Thanks to a team of experienced businessmen and experts, companies supported by FinLeap, profit from the access to talents of the digital.