ELEMENT is a fully digital white-label insurance product factory with a full BaFin P&C insurance license. Based on ELEMENT’s state-of-the-art insurance platform, partners can offer to their customers modern property and casualty insurance products and a digital customer experience at unrivalled speed compared to traditional insurers. Its flexible API enables the fast launch of partner-branded and modular insurance products.

Management Team: Christian Macht, Dr. Wolff Graulich, Sascha Herwig, Henning Groß, Richard Hector, Anders Johnsen



Elinvar is a provider of a comprehensive white label B2B2C asset management platform with a full BaFin asset management license. The platform offers digital discretionary portfolio management services to portfolio managers. It is based on a microservices architecture including “plug and play” state-of-the-art API management for third parties, such as customer identification (KYC). Elinvar’s partners benefit from the combination of a cutting-edge technological set-up and the functional expertise and regulatory competence of a licensed asset manager.

Managing directors: Chris Bartz, Sebastian Böttner, Marco Neuhaus



solarisBank is a digital banking platform with a German banking license, enabling both financial services businesses to expand their offering and opening the door to non-FS businesses to offer such services themselves. The company is able to passport the license to other EEA countries and hence is able to serve business partners in nearly any European country. solarisBank aims to build a global digital ecosystem for financial services: a place where any company can build its own, modern and scalable banking products – to enable the future of financial services.

Management Team: Dr. Roland Folz, Jörg Diewald, Marko Wenthin, Andreas Bittner, Dr. Jörg Howein, Alexander G. Engel



Beesy is a technology company that develops and sells digital financial management services in the Italian market. Based on Infinitec Solutions, it offers a holistic solution encompassing banking and accounting services designed for micro enterprises and freelancers including account information, payments, loans and factoring, cash flow analysis, and many more. It also offers an integrated tax advisory solution for freelancers powered by a network of external tax consultants.

Managing director: Matteo Concas



BillFront is an online platform that offers a working capital solution to app developers, app publishers and ad networks. By providing faster access to their revenues via its B2B invoice financing solution, BillFront is able to accelerate the growth of these businesses. The API-based platform allows for real-time credit scoring with proactive liquidity monitoring, real-time tracking, continuous debtor monitoring and risk management. The company is headquartered in London, with offices in Berlin and San Francisco.

Managing directors: Gregor Dimitriou, Christopher Vogt



Clark is Germany’s leading digital insurance broker. Clark simplifies and digitizes the insurance brokerage process with a full service insurance package and smart insurance management and advisory services. Clark offers an insurance sales front-end allowing customers to easily buy and manage insurance contracts, and allows its customers access to their insurance policies anywhere and at any time. The solution is also offered as a white label digital insurance platform for partners, such as banks, insurers or brokers, that want to offer their customers a superior digital customer experience.

Managing directors: Marco Adelt, Steffen Glomb, Chris Lodde, Christopher Oster


Deutsche Fintech Solutions

Deutsche Fintech Solutions is a digital innovation lab focused on building experience centric financial advisory technology and products for wealth advisors and clients to take them to the next level. The joint venture between finleap and Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) is focused on creating digital experiences to help manage the financial wellbeing of their customers, whilst supporting advisors and allowing them to focus their core expertise on providing expert financial advice.

Managing directors: Reiner Neusser, Pranjal Kothari



financeAds International GmbH is an international affiliate network with a focus on the financial sector. The company, a joint venture between finleap and financeAds, helps leading financial service providers to market their products and services online. financeAds’ proprietary affiliate platform matches its partners with the most relevant online publishers, helping them to increase their customer base and online sales via highly measurable performance marketing campaigns in various verticals. The company extends the financeAds offering from Germany to seven other European countries, including the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain.

Managing director: Alvise Perissinotto


PAIR Finance

PAIR Finance is Germany’s first digital AI-operated debt collection service with integrated behavioral science principles. PAIR Finance offers its partners full debt collection services with intuitive digital payment solutions for individual debtors. Its digital communication, big data and behavioral science-based approach enables quicker communication, higher recovery rates and stronger customer loyalty.

Managing director: Stephan Stricker



Perseus is a cyber security club providing a comprehensive but simple Security-as-a-Service solution to SMEs for their cyber security and GDPR compliance that includes assessment, continuous risk management, prevention, incident management and insurance. Its system, starting with an AI-based security scoring model that continuously calculates and updates risk scores, automatically suggests measures to prevent breaches and adjusts risk scores based on the security technology used.

Managing directors: Steffen Teske, Sven Weizenegger



Valendo is the leading provider of collateral financial analysis for digitized risk management. It offers various tailor-made financing solutions based on available collateral including factoring and inventory-based financing. To achieve that, Valendo uses a tech-based rating- and monitoring platform for dynamic lending. It enables a higher loan-to-value lending limit than the traditional banks at attractive interest rates. Through its risk monitoring solutions Valendo maintains a low default rate.

Managing directors: John von Berenberg-Consbruch, Lars Bresan


finreach solutions

finreach solutions is the Software-as-a-Service market leader for account and brokerage account switching solutions in Europe.  finreach solutions aims to enable partners to unlock consumers’ financial power in one click. Together with the fintech innovation challengers and leaders, finreach solutions develops plug-n-play solutions that can seamlessly integrate with the offerings of their partners. The platform’s microservices architecture enables its business clients to have best-in-class interfaces and reduced back-end complexity.

Managing directors: Taner Akcok, Markus Dränert


infinitec solutions

infinitec solutions is a fully digital white label banking platform focusing on the SME segment. With Infinitec’s white label solution, its business clients such as banks, insurers and non-financial players are able to offer their SME customers a comprehensive financial Software-as-a-Service offering. This includes products such as a fully digital KYC for enterprises, CFO-as-a-service, a digital banking ID, working capital facilities and advanced analytics. Through infinitec solutions, SMEs have a real-time view on their finances, can analyze and predict cash flows and have the opportunity to open a bank account just with one click or apply fully digital for an investment loan.

Managing directors: Helmut Kranzmaier, Vilash Poovala

moneymap_big merged with finreach solutions


MoneyMap was launched in 2017. It was Germany’s first B2C and B2B2C platform for personal finance optimization and contract management, enabling its consumers to manage their financials via a single point of access. It included automated identification of individual savings potential and a convenient contract switching kit to hand-picked providers evaluated on the fairness of their product offering. It was integrated into finreach solutions in 2018.

savedo_big exited 2017


Savedo is a European online retail investment platform. Thanks to its proprietary technology and its passporting rights in the European Economic Area, Savedo enables its customers to invest in various asset classes across Europe. Savedo cooperates with partner banks and operational partners in customer identification processes (KYC), data security, technology and media. Savedo was founded by finleap in 2014 and was acquired in 2017 by Deposit Solutions.

20181030_finleap_ecosystemboxes_big_zinsbaunstein exited 2018


Zinsbaustein is a B2C and B2B real estate investment platform that provides the entire range of services, from project selection via customer and investor acquisition to support and handling of the investment process. End customers can invest via mezzanine capital at sums of up to €10,000 individually or starting at €200,000 in small investor groups, with durations of between 18 and 36 months. Zinsbaustein exhibits a high reinvestment rate. In 2018 finleap successfully exited Zinsbaustein by selling its shares to the Sontowski & Partner Group.