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finleap connect

finleap connect is a software and technology provider that combines the full range of fintech solutions. The company relies on its synergies between innovative services and traditional structures to financial institutions across Europe. finleap connect’s products and services include existing SaaS and PaaS innovations such as “RegShield”, “Switchkit”, “Open Banking APIs” and “SME Banking” as well as new end-to-end financial solutions and products. finleap connect is a regulated payment institution under the Payment Services Supervision Act (Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz – ZAG) with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg and international market teams in Milan, Madrid and Paris. Moreover, finleap connect gives access to white label solutions and facilitates the seamless integration of finleap infrastructure platforms such as Solarisbank, ELEMENT and Elinvar.  

Management Team: Frank Kebsch, Patrick Dittmer, Ramin Niroumand, Cornelia Schwertner, Ina Froehner, Andreas Reuß, Uwe Sandner, Empre Impraimoglu, Marco Berini, Nicolas Montes-Edwards, Ignacio Garcia



ELEMENT is the first young company licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as a direct insurer for non-life insurance, which enables ELEMENT to act as a risk carrier, including claims settlement, EU-wide. ELEMENT offers a unique technology platform with a focus on the B2B2X value chain: As a white-label product factory, ELEMENT develops innovative insurance products at record speed. These products are then marketed by the various partners under their own brand.

Management Team: Dr. Christian Macht, Timo Hertweck, Iryna Zhovtobryukh, Philipp Hartz



Elinvar enables Asset & Wealth Managers to digitalize their business model. By combining cutting-edge technology and the regulatory expertise of a licensed financial portfolio manager, Elinvar offers its partners a comprehensive range of services. The platform’s flexibility enables the customized solution for each partner.

Management Team: Chris Bartz, Sebastian Böttner, Laura Deneke, Stefan Füger, Istvan Kroh, Paul Thomas Walsh



Solarisbank is a digital banking platform with a German banking license, enabling both financial services businesses to expand their offering and opening the door to non-FS businesses to offer such services themselves. The company is able to passport the license to other EEA countries and hence is able to serve business partners in nearly any European country. Solarisbank aims to build a global digital ecosystem for financial services: a place where any company can build its own, modern and scalable banking products – to enable the future of financial services.

Management Team: Dr. Roland Folz, Jörg Diewald, Dr. Jörg Howein, Hima Mandali, Thom Rasser, Dr. Daniel Seifert



BillFront operates a proprietary FinTech Lending & Factoring platform through which it provides working capital financing solutions to Technology and Media Companies worldwide. By providing faster access to their global receivables, BillFront fuels the growth of its B2B clients.

The Company’s self-developed, cloud-based and API-enabled platform connects with its customers’ accounting systems, media campaign dashboards and bank accounts. These features, combined with its deep industry know-how, underwriting expertise and client relationships, allow for computer-aided credit scoring, liquidity and covenant monitoring, as well as the real-time tracking of collateral.

As of 2019, BillFront originates ca. EUR 100 million in funding to the Technology & Media Sector, annually.


Managing directors: Gregor Dimitriou



Clark is Germany’s leading digital insurance broker. Clark simplifies and digitizes the insurance brokerage process with a full service insurance package and smart insurance management and advisory services. Clark offers an insurance sales front-end allowing customers to easily buy and manage insurance contracts, and allows its customers access to their insurance policies anywhere and at any time. The solution is also offered as a white label digital insurance platform for partners, such as banks, insurers or brokers, that want to offer their customers a superior digital customer experience.

Managing directors: Marco Adelt, Steffen Glomb, Chris Lodde, Christopher Oster



CrossLend is a digital debt marketplace with a mission to make the world’s lending and investment ecosystem more efficient, transparent and profitable. By means of an innovative securitisation solution, CrossLend seamlessly connects originator supply with institutional investor demand, creating beneficial opportunities for both. With lenders empowered to lend more and investors able to deploy their capital more efficiently, liquidity is available to flow where it is needed: a win-win situation for all.

Management Team: Oliver Schimek, Alex Lawrence, Christoph Polomsky, Stefan Kleff and Marco Hinz



financeAds International GmbH is an international affiliate network with a focus on the financial sector. The company, a joint venture between finleap and financeAds, helps leading financial service providers to market their products and services online. financeAds’ proprietary affiliate platform matches its partners with the most relevant online publishers, helping them to increase their customer base and online sales via highly measurable performance marketing campaigns in various verticals. The company extends the financeAds offering from Germany to seven other European countries, including the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain.

Managing director: Alvise Perissinotto



Joonko, a digital financial portal, enables consumers to find the financial and insurance products that are right for them. Inspired by the strength and willpower of Junko Tabeis, who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest, we have set the goal of eliminating the obstacles our customers face when switching and taking out car insurance. Further products to come soon. Joonko was founded in 2019.

Managing Directors: Dr. Carolin Gabor, Dr. Andreas Schroeter, Eric Lange


PAIR Finance

PAIR Finance is Germany’s first digital AI-operated debt collection service with integrated behavioral science principles. PAIR Finance offers its partners full debt collection services with intuitive digital payment solutions for individual debtors. Its digital communication, big data and behavioral science-based approach enables quicker communication, higher recovery rates and stronger customer loyalty.

Managing director: Stephan Stricker, Fabian Platzen



Penta offers fast and easy banking solutions for small and medium sized companies. Companies can sign up online in minutes and receive a German IBAN, issue debit cards to their teams to better manage expenses, sync transactions with their accounting software, as well as send and receive international payments in different currencies at a very competitive commission rate. Penta launched in December 2017. The company has offices in Berlin and Belgrade.

Management Team: Jessica Holzbach, Luka Ivicevic, Lukas Zörner, Igor Kuschnir, Hendrick Jondell