Meet the FinLeap-Team: Malte Fenger, Senior Recruiting Manager

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Malte Fenger holds the position of Senior Recruiting Manager at FinLeap. He joined the company builder in December 2015.

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Among Malte’s responsibilities falls sending out offers for newly-acquired talents for FinLeap – something he says is his favorite aspect of working at FinLeap.

Malte joined FinLeap in December 2015 as Senior Recruiting Manager. His responsibilities range from looking for perfect candidates for FinLeap and the ventures to interviewing and negotiating offer letters. Malte learned about FinLeap through his personal network that he gained during his consultancy background. For him, FinLeap has been the perfect ground to transfer into the startup environment. Before that, he also studied in Cologne. Today, we spoke to Malte about FinLeap, recruiting and his past experiences. Having been a part of FinLeap for a year, what is your favorite feature of the company?

Malte: I have to say it’s the execution speed – the timeline between ideas and their implementation is short which allows for a fast-paced environment. What made you interested in recruiting?

Malte: I was mainly interested in the detective work, meaning finding the candidates, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses during the interview phase, and, finally, getting the full picture of a candidate and how he or she might fit in the company. What is the best way to make sure the ventures and FinLeap are happy with the chosen candidiate?

Malte: Seeing companies grow with their recent hires is the surest way to see that we made the right decision. How does FinLeap differ from your past experiences?

Malte: At FinLeap, I have more responsibilities and am able to make decisions on my own. In addition, FinLeap provides for a very dynamic environment which was also a change for me.

In his free time, Malte enjoys spending time with his baby and his family. He is also a fan of car racing.