Interview with zinsbaustein’s MD Frank Noé

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Frank Noé joined as the new Managing Director, responsible for Business Development, Strategy and the Project Acquisition. He has more than ten years experience in the real estate sector. Before joining, Frank held the position as Investment Director European Assets for Castlelake LLP in London.

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Frank: I have been contacted by the new shareholders Stefan Zimmermann and Mattias Schmitz from JLL/Acrest as I have made business with them in the past and there is a high level of mutual appreciation. How did you decide to join the venture?

Frank: Mezzanine Financing/ Investments have always been a topic of personal interest and part of my business life. Therefore it was the right opportunity at the right time. How does zinsbaustein differ from your previous experiences?

Frank: As former investment banker, the environment differs significantly starting from clothing to office to people you are talking to. So there is a bunch of different things I do not want to bore the community with. I would say except for the overall investment topic my whole professional life has been turned upside down. What is your role at the company going to be?

Frank: I am Chief Investment Officer and mainly responsible for Business Development, Strategy and Project Acquisition. We are targeting to create an investment model also compatible and attractive for institutional investors to have alongside with the B2C platform a further pillar In your opinion, what impact will you have on the venture as a part of the management team?

Frank: I am bringing more than 10 years of investment and structuring experience to the table with a very thorough knowledge of different markets and asset classes in various jurisdictions which will further professionalize our approach and will help to increase market penetration and perception of the business model and the brand. In your personal opinion, what makes zinsbaustein a competitor in the market?

Frank: There is a unique and exciting combination of experienced professionals from the old economy/ real estate world and people highly experienced from the (Fin)tech-sector. None of the competitor platforms have such a compelling setup. How do you personally keep up with the fast-paced fintech world?

Frank: The business world I was part of for 14 years can also be described as highly dynamic and fast-paced, nevertheless given the completely different work environment and different approach I would characterize it as follows: still settling in. Can you give some advice to other startups?

Frank: Transparency is key, stakeholder management and governance rules/ structures are pretty important but are forgotten in most of the cases. The management team must form a culture that their co-workers are truly identifying theirselves with the company and the brand.

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