What does a Director Product & Technology actually do?

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Mark Bothorn joined FinLeap in February 2017 as Director Product & Technology. Now, he shares some insights into his job.

So what do you actually do at FinLeap?

I am focusing on two core areas.

First of all, I build and expand our ‘in Residence-pool’ with the goal of bringing together the world’s best future FinTech founders. That includes CPOs, CTOs, Entrepreneurs in Residence and more junior roles. Our ultimate goal for everyone in our “in residence pool” is enabling them to be future founders (ideally with us).

Secondly, I help developing pre-ventures so that we can evaluate their underlying ideas and finally decide, whether a certain idea or concept is suited to have a venture built around it. That process starts at the ideation, includes the proof of concept and ideally leads to a mvp launch.

What is most challenging about it – and what do you love most about it?

We strive after finding the best talents in our industry, even though this can be quite challenging.

What I like most about my job is its complexity and that we actually change and shape products instead of just changing distribution channels.

Which are the tools you can’t start your day without?

Slack is essential for my daily communication. Apart from that, coffee in the morning is indispensable.

What is your professional background?

It is everything but linear. I started working in customer care where I got into database development and coding. After a while, my path led me to the advertising industry and from there to service design as MD at Fjord. Prior to FinLeap I’ve been VP Digital/ Associate Partner at McKinsey.

Any advice for someone who would start in the same field?

When getting in touch with so many experts from a vast variety of fields, you have to be humble to a certain extent, really try hard to understand but accept that you will never lead by being the master expert. You also have to embrace the complexity of topics that surround you, specifically in a highly regulated environment like FinTech. Frankly, that complexity is what makes the job interesting!

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