Interview with FinReach Co-Founder Roman Leicht

​Roman Leicht became the CTO of FinReach in the beginning of 2015. Today, we will interview him on his experience at FinReach, his role in the development of the technological aspects in the venture, and his thoughts on the future challenges the company will have to face.

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financeAds Successful Internationally

financeAds is FinLeap's most successful international venture. We will explore the differences in marketing strategies and regulations throughout Europe in a series of blog posts about our venture.

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Clark and its new investors

FinLeap's venture Clark wants to change insurance into an understandable, transparent, cheap, simple, and personalized experience. Clark just gained several new investors that will help the company grow and develop.

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Valendo’s new look

Our venture Valendo has started 2016 by redesigning their website. Not only the visual appeal of valendo.de has been changed, but also the functionality of it has improved, making it easier for customers to access loans.

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Savedo’s First Anniversary

FinLeap's first venture Savedo is celebrating its first year anniversary! Apart from great statistics, our venture has put in everything to improve, enhance, and broaden its services. Congratulations guys!

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