Our FinLeap Team Offsite

The whole FinLeap team came together for our team offsite: A full programme for the day was planned with a lot of fun, excitement and relaxation. Read more


FinLeap Insights April 2018: FinLeap and DVAG launch Deutsche Fintech Solutions GmbH

Do you want to know more about our recent successes and events within the FinLeap ecosystem? Read our latest Newsletter FinLeap Insights in this blogpost. If you would like to subscribe, send an email with "Newsletter" to media@finleap.com. Read more


FinLeap is celebrating Christmas: a christmas market & an underground party

One week ago, on the 1st of December 2017 the whole FinLeap ecosystem came together - celebrating the collectively achieved successes in 2017 as well as getting in the right mood for upcoming christmas. Read more

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Fins in sport – what we do to stay healthy

The FinLeap team is not only motivated in their business life, but also in sports. So, it’s not a big surprise that we have several free sports groups at FinLeap. From football to running to yoga - we practice it all! Read more

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Moving day at FinLeap

From the 8th floor of Fintech Hub “H:32” the FinLeap office and some of the ventures moved to the freshly renovated 6th floor of the building. Read the full story here. Read more

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Behind the scenes: solarisBank

Meet our venture solarisBank and get a look behind the scenes at their office in the heart of Berlin. Read more

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Interview with our Managing Partner Michael Hock

Michael Hock is Managing Partner Finance and Operations at FinLeap. Read the full interview with one of our four Management Team members here. Read more


When it gets scary – Bankoween at FinLeap!

As a Fintech, we do not celebrate Halloween, but Bankoween. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t get scary… Read more

Bankoween at FinLeap

Case Study: Find the right brand for the right product

At FinLeap, we found new ventures and thus, have to come up with a brand that supports our business idea. For us, branding is not just the logo and the color, but a means to transport our values to both external users and the internal team members. Read more


Case Study: Our 10 Tips to Build Products that People Love (and Not Just Like)

We at FinLeap are aiming to build around 4 to 6 new ventures every year. While we have many ideas, it’s important for us (and frankly any entrepreneur) to focus our efforts on the right problems to not waste precious resources. Read more


Case Study: The journey towards an MVP

In this post, we will briefly introduce some core product development techniques suitable for a fast-paced startup environment, plus how we turned theory into practice. Read more


What does a Director Regulatory actually do?

Have you ever wondered what a Director Regulatory actually does? We have asked Sandra Kumhofer about her job and got many great insights! Read more