Fintech Trends: Factoring

The number of Fintechs in the factoring business is growing. Learn more about factoring and the potential for Fintechs to reshape the industry.

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The Next FinTech Chapter

As the Fintech industry matures, business models move away from retail banking and towards innovation including the development of SME banking.

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The 5 Hidden Fintech Hubs: Sydney

Sydney is the final of five hidden Fintech hubs. Because of its strong economy and growing government support, the city has grown into a leading Fintech center for Asia and Oceania.

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FinLeap’s Insights: More Women in Fintech

The amount of women in tech, finance and entrepreneurship is low, but studies show that companies led by women are more likely to have better performance. That's why FinLeap is supporting the initiative Fintech Ladies Europe, started by MD Carolin Gabor.

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