Burnmark: An Interview with Devie Mohan

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FinLeap is announcing a new collaboration with Devie Mohan called Burnmark – an independent research company focusing on the trends in the Fintech industry. Devie will hold the position of Co-founder and CEO at Burnmark and will also support FinLeap as our Market Strategist and UK coordinator.

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Devie Mohan is one of the few people globally who have successfully predicted Fintech trends and is thus, a noted influencer in the industry. She has worked with traditional banks, consulting firms, innovation teams, startup accelerators and investors, often serving as their advisor on Fintech strategies. Currently, she is combining all of her experiences in both the financial and tech world to provide a fresh angle of opinions in the Fintech sphere. She believes that Fintech is the way for traditional banks to truly innovate. Devie has been featured on multiple Fintech influencer lists including the CityAM FinTech Powerlist and the SWIFT-Innotribe Power Women in Fintech list.

Burnmark’s first study will be about challenger banking since it has been a booming sector especially in the UK and Europe.

Here’s the direct link to the first Burnmark study about Challenger Banking: http://burnmark.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Bur…


Today, we interviewed Devie Mohan on Burnmark, Fintech, and her position as an influencer.

FinLeap.com: Devie, you have worked in both the financial and tech industries. How did the idea behind Burnmark come up?

Devie: The idea was born around a year ago. When I started writing about Fintech three years ago, there was a sense of a clear direction on how innovation can happen and grow within the industry. However, now, it is a huge hype around what Fintech does and what it can do, and expectations are surpassing reality. I’m hoping that Burnmark can revive the clarity on the directions in the Fintech space, but this time by using real facts, use cases and metrics from the industry so far. It’s a research company that brings together all the insights and data I have accumulated from banks, Fintechs, accelerators, enterprises, and investors to help people make better decisions.

FinLeap.com: You’ve been involved in Fintech for quite a while. If you had to name one or two, which Fintech trends are your favorite?

Devie: The first one is capturing the unbanked. Overall, all Fintech technologies have a tremendous potential to capture people in remote regions who are young and non-bank users; in other words the people who are not aware of a need for financial planning. My second favorite trend is customer data. In my opinion, it is the most powerful tool available in the financial industry and the world. If we can combine all the data we have today from retails, health care, insurance, Fintech, etc., the world will change and the way we interact with each other will change.

FinLeap.com: What is the key to understanding the fast-paced Fintech world in one sentence?

Devie: Keep an open mind, because the future will most likely be different from the past.

FinLeap.com: You have been included in multiple influencer lists. How did you become a top 20 influencer?

Devie: I’m a believer in starting small. When I started on Twitter just two and a half years ago, I had only 20 followers. Every day I would read, tweet, share, and follow relevant people. Every day my account grew. Me being seen as an influencer definitely did not happen overnight, but it helped that the readers immediately connected with my insights.

FinLeap.com: As a predictor of trends, what do you think is the future of Fintech?

Devie: I think the future is about collaborations and partnerships. If different entities like traditional firms and startups can work with other industries (for example: insurtech and healthcare or financial data and airlines), it will truly change the way we view the world.

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