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A lot of things have happened in the last weeks in the FinLeap ecosystem - from receiving a BaFin-License to welcoming a new venture to the team. Read our latest news in our newsletter. If you would like to subscribe for it, send an Email with "Newsletter" to Read more


Benvenuto, FinLeap Milan!

FinLeap's new office opened in Italy! Read the short interview with Marco Berini, FinLeaps Director Internationalization and Managing Director Italy, about vision and mission of FinLeap Milan. Read more

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Case Study: Find the right brand for the right product

At FinLeap, we found new ventures and thus, have to come up with a brand that supports our business idea. For us, branding is not just the logo and the color, but a means to transport our values to both external users and the internal team members. Read more


Case Study: Our 10 Tips to Build Products that People Love (and Not Just Like)

We at FinLeap are aiming to build around 4 to 6 new ventures every year. While we have many ideas, it’s important for us (and frankly any entrepreneur) to focus our efforts on the right problems to not waste precious resources. Read more


Case Study: The journey towards an MVP

In this post, we will briefly introduce some core product development techniques suitable for a fast-paced startup environment, plus how we turned theory into practice. Read more


Behind the scenes: How Perseus was built

Perseus Co-Founder Inna Leontenkova shares insights about how Perseus came to life and what was the most important thing during the process Read more


From Awards, events and the most important speeches at “Banken im Umbruch”

Fintech Dinner, Ladies Lunch and the Diamond Star Award - FinLeap & Ventures at the "Banken im Umbruch" 2017 Read more


Elinvar: licensed and about to go live with lead client M.M.Warburg & CO

With the receipt of the BaFin License and the communication of a prestigious lead client, Elinvar has had a busy few weeks. It is time to take a step back and reflect on what the company has achieved so far and what is laying ahead. Read more


One platform for everything

The rise of platforms in the fintech sphere has just begun. Our Managing Partner Carolin Gabor explained in the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, why customers' needs could make platform models inevitable. Read more


Two full years of success: financeAds International’s story so far.

financeAds International turns two years old: Let's have a look at the milestones that paved the way for remarkable growth and success. Read more


What does an Investment Manager actually do?

Have you ever wondered what an Investment Manager actually does? We have asked Rienzo Böhm about his job and got many great insights! Read more


FinTech Trends: Why more and more FinTechs are focussing on SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up a large and profitable customer group in the financial services industry and within the last few months SMEs got into the focus of more and more FinTech companies. Read more