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We support committed founders who want to build the next generation of Fintech companies.

With our proven company building process, you can launch your venture in less than six months. Take the driver's seat with our Fintech experts and tech superstars supporting you on your exciting journey. Think big. Found with us!

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Take financial services to the next level

Advice at hand when needed the most: Get access to a network of successful founders, Fintech experts, and knowledgeable colleagues.

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Dr. Matthias Lange, Managing Director

Matthias has 10 years of experience in the financial industry. He will support you with your business, product and tech strategies.

Mark bothorn

Mark Bothorn, Director Product & Technology

Mark has 15 years of experience in building digital products in complex environments. He accelerates your product and feature build.

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One truth: Test your product

Work on your MVP with our product experts and tech team. Get in touch with your future customers and validate the market-fit of your Fintech service early on. Our legal and regulatory experts ensure that you have a smooth product journey.


Benjamin Brühl, Head of Product

Together with Benjamin, you will bring your ideas to life. He will assist you in developing your product and choosing the tools that best support your processes.

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Sandra Kumhofer, Director Regulatory

Sandra and the team will support you on all legal topics.

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Fasten your seat belt

Accelerate your time to market supported by FinLeap's serial founders and venture capital of up to five million Euros. You can kick start your venture with remarkable speed.


Max Schoppen, Director Investments

With more than 10 years of VC, Investment Banking and financial services experience, Max is not only coordinating the fundraising activities for FinLeap and the ventures but also manages FinLeap’s investments and provides strategic advice to the ventures.

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Ramin Niroumand, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ramin is an experienced sparring partner for FinLeap´s founding teams and knows what is necessary to start your venture. With him, you will also identify synergies within the FinLeap network and utilize them for the success of your company.

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Build awareness

Receive guidance when finding the best way to attract and retain customers. Use growth hacking to surpass your business goals.

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Solveig Rathenow, Head of PR & Communications

With a combination of marketing experience and PR skills, Solveig will help you reach the right audience to make your company achieve growth.

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Ben Kohlstadt, Senior SEO Manager

Ben has a strong SEO background mixed with data-driven analytical skills. With his support, you´ll optimize your online marketing strategy.

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The first class experience

Optimize your product, re-evaluate your business model based on data, and together with our recruiters, handpick your team out of 800 monthly applications - all of which will impress your customers, partners, and investors alike.

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Dr. Carolin Gabor, Managing Director

Carolin will support you grow and optimize your business. She can assist you to define the strategy and manage the critical path of a growing business.

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Kathrin Pawelke, Head of People & Organization

Kathrin is responsible for finding world-class talent. She will make sure that you are able to put together a team that best suits the needs of your venture.

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Get support from serial entrepreneurs, finance experts and tech specialists.
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Work with hand-picked talent chosen from more than 800 applications FinLeap receives per month.
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Utilize our experienced in-house tech team with great product experts and Ruby on Rails developers.
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No legal hick-ups thanks to our in-house lawyers and regulatory specialists.
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Get between 0.5 and 5 million Euros in funding for your venture and gain access to our extensive investor network.
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