• Residence Pool

    Our Residence team are the future leaders of the ventures that we are building. In this team you initially work with the company builder and help to explore new ideas and develop them into our next generation ventures. The goal is to develop everyone in our Residence team to a future Co-Founder of one of our new stealth ventures. We have several Residence positions focussing on different roles in our new ventures. The Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) is in the driver seat to win the first customers and kicks off sales, the CPO in Residence designs the first version of the product and iterates it based on customer feedback, and the CTO in Residence builds up the full IT stack together with his team. We believe that successful entrepreneurs aren’t born, they’re made. Therefore, you will get all the necessary input, coaching and guidance to lead the stealth venture to success. We develop you from a Venture Developer to an Entrepreneur in Residence to a Co-Founder. Similarly from a product manager to a CPO in Residence to a Co-Founder. So if you would like to found with us check out our open roles!

  • People & Organization

    The enormous variety of expertise within FinLeap and the culture we shape with our people under one brand is crucial to our success. Therefore our People & Organization team strives to support our ventures with hiring the best talent available on the market, onboard them efficiently, enable our leadership team to develop and coach our talents according to their potential and learning needs as well as advising our colleagues in all HR-related questions. Throughout our people processes we always pay attention to our dedication to Entrepreneurship, Customer orientation, Leadership, Result orientation and Collaboration. If you are keen to contribute on this journey then check out our open roles!

  • Finance & Accounting

    The Accounting and Finance team are supporting FinLeap and it´s ventures with all Accounting and Finance related-topics. We are building up a very new team at FinLeap at the moment to provide our ventures with valuable services such as timely, relevant and correct reportings and annual financial statements. Accounting and Finance is the opposite of boring at FinLeap as our team has to handle a lot of different companies (regulated and non-regulated companies) and manage a lot of different topics.

  • Marketing & PR

    In our communications team you support our ventures to plan their PR strategy and select appropriate channels for their messages. This includes writing and distributing press releases, selecting and pitching for events, growing our journalist network and having an eye on SEO. Additionally, we also take care of the communication inside of FinLeap & the ventures. Helping launch a venture is a rich learning environment and a collaborative effort – you won’t be sat churning out dense content. We’re launching multiple ventures a year so your career can grow with us!

  • Product & Design

    Our FinLeap Product & Design team supports our ventures in building the best products and bringing them to the market. The team strives to bring the best user experience to all our FinLeap products, test them with a rigid approach together with customers and identifies the best sales channels to bring them to market. Bringing the relevant expertise and experience to the table, they integrate into venture teams and help companies build their products from scratch. The team typically works on a project basis and upon the completion of a project, usually the point at which a new company launches, they move on to do it again, starting from the beginning with a new venture, team and business model. Check out our open positions and apply now if you’re looking for a versatile, dynamic and multifaceted role!

  • Tech

    At FinLeap, we believe Tech is an integral part of any of the business models that we are building. Hence, every venture has his own tech team headed by its CTO. As a (senior) frontend or backend developer, data scientist, data engineer or DevOps engineer you join the venture and build it from scratch. Our venture tech excellence team helps our ventures to transfer lessons learned between the ventures, provides DevOps expertise and helps with protecting the ventures against Cyber attacks. Join us to build the TECH in FinTECH!

  • Group Development/Fundraising

    This multi-functional team is a breeding ground for future entrepreneurs or leading business developers. Group Development manages all new venture proposals and establishes strategic partnerships, with the aim of creating a fintech ecosystem of FinLeap companies. They narrow down our ideas funnel in search of new venture proposals as well as supporting launched companies with business development topics. Fundraising enables these plans by identifying and pitching to strong investors, not only for money but for their industry expertise and networks. This team needs well-rounded, analytical people who can forge long-term strategy as well as react quickly to the market.

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