All Ventures are very specific, with different business models & different hiring needs/ team set ups. But generally we start off with hiring a core team in the following areas:

  • (Co-) Founder/MDs

    Strategic and operational leads, our Co-Founder/MDs are the driving force of our ventures. We look for proven leaders with entrepreneurial mettle who can build strong management teams that deliver. Responsible for business strategy, marketing, product, user experience and even tech, our Co-Founders are hands-on visionaries. Our venture employees are the best of the tech, business and finance worlds so forging a vibrant, inclusive team culture is also a must. FinLeap provides financial backing, a host of successful sparring partners and a systematic venture building process. If you’re creative enough to innovate at pace, yet structured enough to found a sustainable disruptor in a tough marketplace, we would love to hear from you.

  • Tech

    As a Software developer you are working in a small team on the Venture´s product. We are looking for various position such as Frontend, Backend, Fullstack Developer and DevOps. The tech stack varies in each venture and is set by the CTO and the tech team based on the business requirements. Most of our new ventures are using JavaScript and React on the Frontend side and Java at the backend side. Other technologies that our ventures are using are Scala and Ruby on rails.

  • Product / Design

    On the venture level, product and design work together to shape visions for company products as well as define roadmap goals, user flows, wireframes and prototypes. We value user testing, and our product managers and designers make sure the voice of the user makes it to the ears of our engineering and core business teams. We create beautiful, state of the art fintech products that customers love.
    We are looking for various profiles & expertise such as UX/UI Designer, Product Manager & Senior or Head of Product.

  • Business Functions

    In every venture we have several Business functions. Depending on the maturity of the venture we need talents in the following fields:

    1. Business Development
    2. Marketing
    3. Sales
    4. Finance & Accounting
    5. HR
    6. Legal

  • Venture specific experts

    In the past we’ve hired some industry experts who have very specific qualifications & backgrounds i.e.

    Actuary, a genius in mathematics & can calculate all insurance numbers.

    Risk Manager, who identifies and analyses strategic issues and trends that effect companies, industries and markets on a regional and global scale.

    Real Estate Investment Analyst, who analyses new real estate investments in terms of specific KPIs.

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Behind the Scenes: Clark

Third floor, bright, big windows, many monitors, a couch, bicycles and colorful Post-Its. Images that would remind you of a textbook for startups, but this is not the next e-Commerce-Shop or food delivery startup. This is where the future of the insurance industry starts. Welcome to Clark! Read More

By Solveig Rathenow