Quo vadis Banking?

By Dara Lazarova | June 28th, 2016
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  • On May 31st, opinion leaders and actors from the Polish banking industry met in Warsaw’s trend location “Znajomi Znajomych” to attend the first Fintech event of its kind - Quo vadis Banking?.

    Quo vadis Banking?

    About the Event:

    On the day of the event, the venue got quickly filled with vivid chats that created new friends and partnership. Its aim was to give answers to questions such as: Are Fintechs enemies to be fought or are they friends to be partnered with? Can or should banks transform into technology companies? Can banks become more agile or shall they simply accept lack of agility and partner with a number of Fintechs?

    Quo vadis Banking?

    Many influential figures spoke about where banking is heading in the near future and the role of Fintechs. Among them were representatives of the three organizers of the event: financeAds, Savedo, and FinReach. financeAds focused on the customer-oriented model of institutions, that creates digital disruption for the upcoming generation of clients. Savedo spoke about the success of partnerships with banks while FinReach pitched their tech-driven solutions to overcome the hurdles of overall customer experience.

    Of course, after the provoking speeches, Quo vadis Banking? included an engaging panel discussion in which everyone from the audience was welcome to participate.

    Although the event did not find any simple answers to the problem, it did emphasize the importance of cross ventures collaboration and growing synergies within our company builder FinLeap.

    An emphasis on creating and developing a more mature financial ecosystem outside of Germany was also a trait shared by the three organizers. financeAds & Savedo presented themselves as fully developed international ventures operating in a number of European countries already. Thus, Quo vadis Banking was viewed as a big opportunity for them to strengthen their businesses in Poland.

    Quo vadis Banking? FinReach

    Quo vadis Banking? has been the first of a long series of Fintech events that will be taking place in various countries in which FinLeap and its ventures are strategically positioning their business models.

    Stay tuned!

    Most memorable lines:

    • “Successful banks in the future will be technology companies with a banking license.”
    • “Technology is not a core function of a bank, why not outsource it to Fintechs?”
    • “Legal questions about innovative banking solutions often cannot be answered with certainty. The best we can do is to estimate risks.”
    • “The difficulty with innovation is that it doesn’t always pay off short term. Is it then right to prioritize ideas based on revenue impact in the next quarter?”
    Dara Lazarova