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Berlin has been chosen to host the IoT and Fintech Hub, as part of the national Digital Hub Initiative. The largest Fintech player in the city, FinLeap has been selected by the Berlin government to run the Hub, in order to strengthen the national scene. The Fintech Hub “H:32” is an open house for anyone interested in the digitalization of finance. It is a place where international investors, banks, insurance providers and fintechs can meet, work and learn from one another.

FinLeap moved to new headquarters at Hardenbergstraße 32 in July 2017. In a former bank building, across 11,000 square meters on eight floors, the company will establish its unique vision of a Fintech Hub, together with “Scaling Spaces”, a full service office provider. It will combine co-working offices for fintechs, insurtech companies, and corporates, community areas and a whole floor dedicated to industry events. From fire-side chats with CEOs to Fintech Ladies Europe meetings, and from tech meetups to workshops – the event floor will be one of the central networking places of the Hub. The FinLeap Ecosystem of ventures will thus be opened up to third party players.

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The Fintech Hub “H:32” will also be the place for satellite events during international conferences and the first touch point for national and international media on Fintech topics. Furthermore, Berlin’s Fintech Hub strives to strengthen relationships with the other German Hubs to establish a strong, nationwide network of digital initiatives.

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The Digital Hub Initiative, launched by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, seeks to support the establishment of digital hubs in Germany. The underlying idea of establishing hubs is that cooperation between companies and business start-ups within a small area (like in Silicon Valley) will boost innovation. In order for this to happen, Germany needs to create hubs with an international reputation where German and international start-ups, scientists, investors and established companies work together and benefit from each other’s expertise.

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In total, 12 German cities are part of the Digital Hub Initiative. Although each city focuses on a particular industry, the idea is that clusters will emerge where other industries can bring in their expertise as well. Rather than creating new hubs, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy seeks to build upon existing strengths by fostering creative networking in Germany and by raising the profile of the digital hubs abroad through a major international marketing campaign.

de:hub announces H:32 as Berlin's Fintech Hub

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Einer, der dabei stets für Berlin wirbt, ist Ramin Niroumand. Er ist Chef der Start-up-Schmiede Finleap, die Fintechs in Serie gründet. Und er ist derjenige, der den Zuschlag vom Land bekommen hat, den Berliner Fintech-Hub aufzubauen. Neben Finleap hatten sich darum vier weitere Firmen beworben. Dass sich die Senatsverwaltung für Niroumand und sein Team entschieden hat, überrascht nicht.

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