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FinLeap’s Italian office opened in October 2017 in Milan, the financial capital of Italy. It is the second office of the company builder, after the FinLeap Headquarters in Berlin. FinLeap and its ventures are already active in eleven European countries. In Italy, for example, financeAds International is already active, providing affiliate marketing for financial institutions.

FinLeap in Milan has two main objectives: establish a technical hub to increase FinLeap’s development of digital solutions and support selected ventures in introducing their services to the Italian market. Marco Berini, Director of Internationalization, is also acting as Managing Director of FinLeap Milan. With 20 years of experience in banking innovation and a strong entrepreneurial instinct, Marco is leading FinLeap’s operations in Milan and is driving his team to focus on software development, data science, AI, and design.

WHY we chose Italy

Italy is offering a combination of a strong financial hub, with over 700 banks in the market, and a large base of tech talents. In Milan alone, there are roughly around 650 UX Designers. Additionally, the country is home to a strong community of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are in need of digital financial solutions – either for interaction with their customers or as backend solutions.

Despite such characteristics, a true Fintech revolution is yet to take place. The country has fallen behind the rest of Europe as it struggles to kick-start the transition from traditional to innovative. The Fintech scene in Italy is limited, with only around two hundred Fintechs in the whole country. Compared to Germany, the country states 324 active Fintechs, with alone 160 companies situated in Berlin, creating up to 3000 jobs (Survey “Berlin aktuell”, Investitionsbank Berlin, September 2017). FinLeap and its ventures with their various innovative services can create a major impact for Italy’s financial scene by offering digital solutions for banks, insurances, SMEs and other players.

Ci vediamo a Milano!


The FinLeap Milan office ist located at: Via Abbadesse, 20 – 20124 Milan (Italy)

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Benvenuto, FinLeap Milan!

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By Gwendolyn Becker
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