We believe in people who excel

Combining entrepreneurial execution, technological capabilities, and industry expertise, we create the perfect mix to build companies that reshape finance.

FinLeap is a Fintech company builder based in Berlin. We are active in more than ten countries. Together with our passionate co-founders, we launch several startups per year. We provide up to five million Euros in seed funding, access to a strong investor network and top talent, an integrated development platform and best practice processes.

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Entrepreneurial Execution
Technological Capabilities
Industry Expertise



  • Meet the FinLeap-Team: Julia Grasse, HR Manager People Services

    Julia Grasse holds the position of HR Manager - People Services at FinLeap. She joined the company builder in April 2016. Today, we interviewed her about her past experiences, candidates, and her recent projects. Read More

  • MD Interview Series: Dr. Matthias Lange

    Matthias Lange is one of FinLeap's Managing Directors. As such, he oversees Product Development and Technology for the company builder. Read More

  • FinLeap @ Events

    Because of our position in the Fintech world, FinLeap attends numerous events in the finance, entrepreneurial, and tech spheres. This year we will be on the road again, so in this blog post, we will continually update you on the events that we and our ventures are attending. Read More

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